FW: Re: Re: a selection from Rhizome's ArtBase

Predating the internet itself, email has become a mass communication tool as well as a pillar of contemporary computing culture. The artists featured in this exhibition consider the ways email has become an unquestioned part of our lives; and their diverse works push the traditionally prescribed uses of thie ubiquitous technology. All works are selected from Rhizome's ArtBase.

FW: Re: Re: takes the form of an email. The exhibition will exist solely in people's inboxes and will last until its moved to the trashed or filed and forgotten.

The artists assembled for this exhibition explore the ideologies and imagery associated with email and technologically mediated written communication. Several of the projects address email as a medium for curation. For example, New York-based artist and musician Jesse Aaron Cohen has organized email exhibitions since 2005, sending subscribers thematized collections of digital images taken from archives or found over the Internet. Other featured works expand categories of mail and email art. London-based artist Marc Garrett, Ruth Catlow and Lauren Wright have recently curated DIWO (Do-It-With-Others): E-mail Art at NetBehaviour, an email art project on the NetBehaviour email list, that was also exhibited at the HTTP Gallery in London. In the spirit of early Mail Art, this project was completely open to all, as long as they were subscribers to the mailing list. The submission and selection of the works and subsequent curating of the show was done collectively (with others! ) through emailing. Together, the works in the exhibition look anew at a medium that has become so normal that its implications, form and possibilities are often overlooked.

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